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If You Want To Surround Yourself With Other Highly Ambitious & Successful Men, You Belong With Us.

Imagine What You Could Accomplish If You Had a Network of Coaches & Entrepreneurs From Every Industry Holding You Accountable & Showing You EXACTLY How To Reach Your SPECIFIC Goals… A Phone Call Or Text Message Away…


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The #1 Mindset & Business Coaching Program For Men Under 40

Wake Up Wealthy is the #1 Performance Coaching program for ambitious male Entrepreneurs who want to truly level up and master every area of their life. While most programs in the coaching space focus exclusively on mindset or business, Wake Up Wealthy provides a system and way of life which helps you develop elite levels of personal power and certainty so you can truly master your Mind, Body, Spirit and Business; hence the M.B.S.B on our logo. Using a science based transformation system that’s been tested and proven hundreds of times, we help men like you clear away all of the blocks, limitations and self-sabotaging patterns of thinking and behavior that rob you of elite levels of clarity, performance and consistency.

To date, we’ve helped over 300+ men from every industry predictably scale to the multiple 6 and 7 figure level while having complete control and fulfillment in every area of their life. Whether you’re a transitioning Entrepreneur who needs help dialing in or an established Entrepreneur that knows he’s capable of having MORE, the Wake Up Wealthy Brotherhood will give you the coaching, tools, accountability and specialized knowledge you need to go out and dominate your life and business with complete at the highest possible level.

Are you ready to take your LIFE and BUSINESS to the next level? If you’re an Entrepreneur who:

A Proven Roadmap & System For Building a Wealthy Life

After personally coaching over 500 men over the last few years, I’ve discovered that regardless of where they’re at on their journey in business, all of the problems we face are relatively the same. Yeah, the size of the bank account might be different or the problems may become more complicated, but a man’s ability to handle them all stems from the same place: Personal Power. High levels of personal power give you the ability to, with a high level of certainty and execution, solve virtually any problem or challenge you’re faced with with complete confidence

Wake Up Wealthy Changed My Life...

“Before joining Wake Up Wealthy I was severely overweight, depressed, struggling with addiction and ridden with anxiety. I had a painting business and revenue was constantly up and down. I wasn’t leading my 2 employees well and I felt like I was digging myself deeper and deeper into a hole. I knew I needed to make some serious changes in my life but I lacked the structure, path and support I needed to really do it. 

I took a bet on myself, pulled the trigger and within 30 days of joining my life started to completely transform. I had my biggest month in my business and did $20k! Fast forward 6 months I experienced my first $100k month. I’ve lost over 70lbs,I’ve started a new business and I’ve spent the last 2 months traveling around the US. I can’t tell you what this Brotherhood has done for me. Shoutout to Coach Brodie and Coach Julian and the Brotherhood for everything they’ve done for me.”

The Wake Up Wealthy Coaches Have Helped 205+ Men Scale To The Multiple 6 and 7 Figure Level

Very few coaches have walked the walk like Brodie Kern. After overcoming drug addiction, Brodie evolved into a powerful entrepreneur, successfully starting multiple 6-7 figure ventures. 

He has mastered his mind and body to compete in ultramarathons and has awoken to his purpose here on Earth. Using The Mastery Method, Brodie shares his step-by-step formula for totally mastering life and business.

Wake Up Wealthy’s head coach has been mastering transformation since 2012. Julian has worked with elite performers from 7-figure CEO’s to NFL athletes, helping them crack the code to limitless success and fearless execution. 

Mixing neuroscience with self-mastery, Julian shows you how to permanently remove the limits from your life and business.

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