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Founder - Brodie Kern

Hi, I’m Brodie Kern, founder of the Wake Up Wealthy Brotherhood. I’ve dedicated my life to helping men transform and transcend their limitations to show up as their greatest self so they can experience the highest level of success they’re capable of and deserve in the areas of Mind, Body, Spirit & Business. Wake Up Wealthy is the ONLY performance and business coaching program that encompasses every aspect of your life to create.

Today, I run the MOST ELITE Male Coaching Program for Men under 40 (Voted By Entrepreneur & Forbes.com) and have helped hundreds of men create more successful and fulfilling lives. I’ve personally coached 300+ men to the multiple 6 and 7 figure level and more importantly – have helped them reclaim agency over their mind and establish complete control in their lives. If you’re ready to STEP THE FUCK UP and start DOMINATING your life, click on the link above and schedule a call with my team. I look forward to meeting you.


Julian Rosen
Head Coach

“The Wizard” Julian Rosen has been a transformation coach for over a decade and has worked with 7-figure clients, celebrities and professional athletes. He is the head coach at Wake Up Wealthy and creator of The Mastery Method, Wake Up Wealthy’s online transformation course.

Jay Bing
Chief of Operations​

Jay has a background in programming and is a systems and process expert. He’s worked on several successful offers in the ecommerce space and has extensive experience in helping businesses create the visibility and efficiency they need to scale through automation.

Hassan Khan
Creative Director

Hass is a creative director and expert in graphic design, video editing and brand development. He’s the vision behind Wake Up Wealthy’s striking visual aesthetic.

Evan Mertens
Systems Integrator

Evan is an ambitious young entrepreneur that supports the growth of the Wake Up Wealthy team and is a full stack systems integrator.


Like most young ambitious men, when Arlin joined Wake Up Wealthy he had tons of passion, a great work ethic and a huge call on his heart to fulfill his potential. But like a lot of guys that join Wake Up Wealthy, he lacked the direction, systems and certainty that he really needed to level up his life and business.

Using our MBSB (Mind, Body, Spirit, Business) performance systems, Arlin completely rewired his subconscious mind and turned into a consistent action taker. This consistency allowed him to not only 5X his current business income, but using our business coaching platform within Wake Up Wealthy, he was able to launch his 2nd business and grow it more than 500% in the first 3 months.

All of this predictable personal and financial success allowed Arlin to positively impact the world by donating $10,000 to charities that aligned with his purpose. 

Mike Anderson truly embodies the radical transformative power that is unleashed while using our 90 day coaching program. In one year he went from flipping burgers at Red Robin to becoming a powerful CEO making $15,000/week. When Mike joined Wake Up Wealthy, he was struggling to consistently grow his marketing agency. He lacked in-depth business knowledge and systems. He was hustling his way to success but had no way to predictably scale his business or create any real time-freedom in his life.

Using our mindset protocols and coaching sessions, he was able to shift into an absolute savage and powerful leader which helped him grow his business and build an effective team that allowed him to scale while giving him actual time freedom. He went from making $5k/month to $15k/week.


How to Grow Your Business by
Reprogramming Your Mind


Get a little taste of what Wake Up Wealthy has to offer with our Mind, Body, Spirit, Business Mini-course designed to jump start your growth in each of the main 4 areas we focus on in our programs.

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