John Danes

$0 to $150k/mo For His Marketing Agency ?

The Story

When John Danes joined Wake Up Wealthy he was a 19 year old kid will basically zero business experience.

He had made a little money through his growing podcast “The No Excuses Show” but had no clue how to build a real business out of this, on top of this John was just starting to get exposed to personal development & self optimization, he was starting to become overwhelmed by all of the conflicting information in the marketplace.

We plugged John into the Brotherhood & got him on the Mastery Method, our proprietary performance system. In a short period of time John was starting to execute his habits & routines at speeds he never had before. He “Got in the best shape of his life.”

More importantly he got exposed to hundreds of other 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs who wanted to see him win, John did an amazing job of learning from these individuals & their business models. He took the jump into starting an agency. The habits, routines & ways of thinking that John learned inside of Wake Up Wealthy were the foundations for the life he has built.

The Results

So where is John now?

That same agency he started 18 months ago will do over $2,000,000 in 2021. He is crushing his workouts, leading his team & other agency owners, he found himself in an amazing relationship with a girl who still to this day i’m not sure how he landed. (LMAO Love you John) Testament to the magnetism you create when you dial in every area of your life and become an absolute fucking stud.

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