How To Objectively Analyze The Health Of Your Business 🔥🔥

Let this asset be your north star, if used properly the Business Vitality Audit will be your guiding light all the way to the fucking Ferrari dealership.

The Business Vitality Score (BVS) is designed to illustrate the current health of your business. Where are you exposed, what holes need to be plugged, what the fuck are we missing. Sometimes as the CEO you are too close to the deal & your vision is distorted, you need an objective system to put your business through that will pump out the true status of your biz.

That is what the BVS will do, you will fall into 1 of 4 ranges: Panicking, Existing, Prospering or Exploding. This exercise is not meant to tell you that you’re a piece of shit and your business sucks. The stages are linear & you must complete one before graduating to the next. Take emotions out of this and don’t even think about comparing your score to your business buddies who you also send this asset too because its so fucking valuable.

This thing allows you to stop questioning what the highest value use of your time is and tells you exactly what to work on. It’s almost like an automated COO. That’s a bit of a stretch but I like how it sounds lmao.

So put this audit to good use, do it ASAP & get to fucking work building. If you’re reading this right now it means you want growth & if that’s the case… This is how you get it.

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Business Vitality Audit

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