Jay Azeltine

Scaled His Revenue From $2,000 to $50,000/Month ?

Jay Azeltine, CEO of Entreperform & his partner Max Doron are the leading experts for strength, conditioning & performance optimization. They have some of the most elite knowledge in the online space when it comes to building strength & recovering the body. 

When Jay & Max first came to me as clients they only making $2,000 a month online. they were doing a little in person training which they didn’t want to be doing and were having minimal success growing out the online arm of their business. They had no strategy or systems and really weren’t grasping what it meant to run a business.

It’s hard to even pinpoint the top 5 ways these two have transformed since starting to work with Wake Up Wealthy. They have both gone through huge personal transformations, dialed in with their habits, stepped up as leaders & business owners inside of their own organizations and they truly put in the time to study & implement the business strategies we laid out for them. These guys are crushing it now, they are pushing $50,000 months, they are showing up powerfully inside of their 70+ client community & they still to this day show up powerfully inside of the Brotherhood. I love these two men and it has been an honor to watch them grow. 

Great fucking job guys – Brodie

In our first few months with Jay & Max we really had to focus on the execution side of the game. We had to dig into their habits, mindset & performance to remove the shit that was causing them to get in their own way. Once we cleaned the streets we supercharged their business with real systems & strategy and taught them how to operate like executives inside of their business. As a result they hired their first couple employees, moved into live events & the 3 of us just custom built a 1200sqft gym at the Wake Up Wealthy HQ

These two are well on their way to being 7 figure CEO’s & will go on to be some of the most well known names in strength & conditioning, biohacking & nutrition.

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