Julius Brown

Overcame Procrastination & Hit 6 Figure Months ?

When Julius joined Wake Up Wealthy, he was a self-proclaimed procrastinator and he was stuck on the rollercoaster of high-highs and low-lows.

He would have amazing weeks in his business where he was firing on all cylinders. Revenue would be good, production would be good, life would be good.

But then he’d have weeks where he completely fell off track. Revenue would slow down, production would come to a halt and life became a stressful pity party of frustration.

After going through our mindset training systems, he completely eradicated procrastination from his life and as a result, was able to have amazing weeks in his life and business…week AFTER week.

Amazing weeks turned into amazing months, and in less then 6 months, combining our business coaching with his new-found mindset, he was able to take a new business and
scale it to the 6-figure level.

Odds are you already know what you should be doing inside of your business to scale to the 7-Figure level, yet you aren’t doing it?

Ambitious men have a tendency to stand in their own way & it takes deep subconscious reprogramming to remove these self destructive patterns, that’s where Wake Up Wealthy came in for Julius.

These are pretty standard results for guys inside of the Brotherhood. When you implement these systems and plug into this network 50-80k months become easy

Here’s The Neurohack That Helped Julius 10x His Revenue...

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