Jon Falkowski

Beat Addiction, Lost 70lbs & Hit His First 100k/mo ?

Before you dive into this, I want to take a minute to share how proud i am of this man. Jon is someone who reminded me of a former version of myself. Drugs & alcohol had ruined his life, his health was in shambles & he didn’t have any real desire to carry on. This is a place i know all too well & very very few people make it out of that place. I am honored to have stood by this man over the last 6 months & watch him perform the miracles that he did. This type of experience gives my life meaning & I will forever love Jon like a brother and owe him a debt for allowing me to be a part of something so special. 
– Brodie Kern
When Jon joined our coaching program, he was fresh out of rehab for addiction to drugs and alcohol. In fact, he joined Wake Up Wealthy, paused his 90 day program to enter rehab, and then rejoined once he completed it a few weeks later.
So Jon was literally starting from square one. He was barely able to pay his bills and keep his power on, he was 70lbs overweight, and he had no sense of clarity or purpose in his life. He was running a struggling painting business that would inconsistently bounce around from $2k/months to $10k/months. 
The average person would look at Jon and think he was doomed to keep repeating the same cycles from his past. But at Wake Up Wealthy, we utilize powerful and proven principles from neuroscience to create rapid and radical change in our clients. And one of those principles is called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change, adapt and rewire itself. 
So, right away we put Jon into our performance systems which use neuroplasticity to change his habits and belief systems. This allowed him to improve the caliber and consistency of his actions day by day. 
Also, science has proven that your brain rewires itself based on the environment that you put it in. So, entering the Wake Up Wealthy Brotherhood instantly surrounded Jon with 100’s of ambitious young men at the multiple 6 and 7 figure level, which accelerated the rate at which Jon was able to transform his life, his mindset and his business. 
The final piece to the puzzle was helping Jon master and implement effective business systems so that he could predictably grow his revenue and income. 
Fast forward to today, Jon is having $100k/months in his business. He is clean and sober, has lost over 70lbs and has an unbreakable mindset and certainty in the direction of his life. He is traveling the world, working from all over the country, and has started additional business ventures to accelerate his financial growth as an entrepreneur and leader in this Brotherhood

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