Mike Anderson

From Flipping Burgers To $13k Weeks ?

The Story

WUW Client Mike Anderson truly embodies the radical transformative power that is unleashed while using our 90 day coaching program.

In one year he went from flipping burgers at Red Robin to becoming a powerful CEO making 13,000/week.

When Mike joined Wake Up Wealthy, he was struggling to consistently grow his marketing agency. He lacked in-depth business knowledge and systems.

He was hustling his way to success but had no way to predictably scale his business or create any real time-freedom in his life.

The first thing we helped Mike to do when we joined our program was shift his mindset and how he viewed himself. He didn’t view himself as a powerful CEO yet because of where he came from and his lack of business knowledge.

Using our mindset protocols and coaching sessions, he was able to shift into an absolute savage and powerful leader which helped him grow his business and build an effective team that allowed him to scale while giving him actual time freedom.

The Results

Using the business coaching platform within Wake Up Wealthy, he was able to build out effective systems that allowed him to grow predictably. And at the same time, we helped him develop elite levels of discipline and consistency with his morning routine and daily work flow.
Once he locked in his mindset, his habits and his spiritual connection, he was having record-setting weeks within his business – in a single week he was able to accomplish more and make more money than he used to generate in a 1-2 month span.

He went from making $5k/month to $13k/week.

The last piece to the puzzle was surrounding himself with a like-minded tribe of badass men who held him accountable to his daily commitments.

At Wake Up Wealthy, we have helped 100’s of young men like Mike transition from an inconsistent hustler into a powerful CEO with a predictably growing business.

If you are seriously ready to make more money, scale your business, help more people and become a fearless leader in your life and business, then book a call with our team today.

We will show you exactly how to take your life to the next level.

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