Tough Love: Brodie Kern’s Guide to Success

Today, we live in a global society in which the majority of people are fixated with maintaining political correctness and handing out participation trophies. Some may argue that this perspective contributes to many healthy characteristics, such as developing kinder and more peaceful individuals and communities. And while this is true, this same behavioral approach also contributes to complacency and idleness in society, especially within the youth. This could present itself as an issue for the United States, as the youth represent the future of our beloved country. There is hope, however, as one man and his company are working to create a grassroots movement to re-instill the blue-collar values and mentality back into society.

Brodie Kern is a well renowned, self-made businessman and entrepreneur. In his short tenure as a businessman, Kern has founded and operated numerous companies developing them into enterprises with net worths upwards of six, or even seven figures. Despite his recent success, Kern’s life has not always been so pleasant. As a teen, Kern struggled with numerous periods of drugs and alcohol abuse. Before the age of 21, Kern had been hospitalized for 6 episodes of drug overdose and had almost lost his life several times. Kern entered rehab and was able to regain control over his life, but his early struggles hardened and motivated Kern to make something of his life.

In 2018, Kern discovered his true purpose in life and founded Wake Up Wealthy. Wake Up Wealthy, as Kern depicted it, is a business and performance coaching firm aimed at transforming young businessmen and entrepreneurs into tenacious, successful men. Kern and Wake Up Wealthy accomplish this tall feat by applying their own scientifically developed coaching approach. This approach integrates Kern’s first-hand experience with the advice and lessons from 60 other extraordinarily successful businessmen. Through the Wake Up Program, Kern works individually with each of his participants for three months implementing his coaching system and ensuring success.

Now, how does one enter into the Wake Up Wealthy community? Any man can apply to join the Wake Up Wealthy brotherhood through the Wake Up Wealthy website ( or through Kern’s personal Instagram page (@brodiekern). Acceptance into the brotherhood, however, is very selective. Out of thousands of applicants, Kern hand-selects only about 200 men to enter the brotherhood. Nevertheless, anyone can actively engage with the Wake Up Wealthy community, which currently sits at about 220 thousand people, through Kern’s Instagram page. Here, Kern posts inspiring and informative videos about how to become a successful, contributing member of society.

To say that Brodie Kern is solely a successful businessman would be a colossal understatement. Kern serves as a mentor, motivator, and friend to not only the 200 members of the Wake Up Wealthy brother but also to the hundreds of thousands of followers that tune in daily to his content. In doing so, Kern is reinvigorating and inspiring the youth of America to achieve higher. As a result, Brodie Kern and Wake Up Wealthy will certainly leave a lasting impact on society.

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