5 Mantras You’ll Need to Learn How To Grow your Business and Improve Your Life According To Business Mentor, Brodie Kern

5 Mantras You’ll Need to Learn How To Grow your Business and Improve Your Life According To Business Mentor, Brodie Kern

Picture this: An idea sparked in your head, you craft a business plan, execute on your own or with a team, gain sales consistently, and then, in a snap, your business reaches a plateau. You recalibrate your strategy but nothing seems to work. Everything in your business is not fun anymore.

This phase also happens in life. The unstoppable version of yourself conquers the world and then one day, you’re immobilized. Stuck is an understatement, because the truth is, you’re losing. Slowly drifting away from your life while your friends, family, and worse, yourself, watches you fail.

But guess what? You’re not alone. Even if you feel like you are, Brodie Kern has devised 5 bulletproof mantras that will help you grow your business and improve your life again. These mantras are in fact, what he has been doing since he started his self-transformation and self-mastery mentorship channel, Wake Up Wealthy.  

  1. Remember that Execution PLUS Intensity Equals Success

You can be the Einstein or the Mozart of creating an entrepreneurship plan that is perfect for your business but it won’t reflect a single difference if there is no intense consistency. What’s most likely to happen is that your brain will convince you that you’ve done your part by creating a master plan and will tell you to revert to comfort since “the job is done.” However, you will have to shed all comfort and distractions, and even sacrifice more time in order to execute your plan every single day to become successful in business and in life even if your brain dictates otherwise.

“The human condition is fucked up. Every single day, your mind is going to tell you shit. It’s going to justify not doing the work. It’s going to justify not getting the results.”

Create an execution. Apply intensively. Reap Success. That’s it. It will take time, but inevitably, it will come.

  1. Don’t Equate Failure to Self-worth

Entrepreneurs are highly visionary. And in their vision, they are always right. But when their vision meets reality and encounters a mismatch between their vision and what’s actually in front of them, they tend to shut all possibilities right away and equate one failure to self-worth. Brodie Kern detests that idea. In his experience, he says, “It doesn’t matter what I feel. This isn’t just making money […] It’s about what kind of example are you setting for the individuals in your life, for the individuals in your organisation.”

If you’re an egotistical entrepreneur who only cares about being right, failures, that in fact, will come in showers, will destroy not just your puny self but also the organization you wholeheartedly procured, with a lot of people depending on you.

Brodie Kern put it simply, “It is about MORE than YOU. “

So instead,  go back to mantra one and f*cking do it not just for you but for the people who depend on you and your organization.

  1. Instill Meaning in Life and Business

Everybody gets it. You have said it in the mirror many times. YOU ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR. YOU ARE YOUR BOSS. YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE.

But what for?

There is no doubt that any entrepreneur will name their family, passion, and even money, the sole reason why they put up a business. But in order to live, to truly pass on to this life without the constant pressure and fear of our inevitable demise, one must find meaning. At least, try.

Brodie Kern adds, “Here at Wake Up Wealthy, we talk about the present moment. We talk about being here because it’s the only thing that allows you to do something meaningful. If you do not set a bar for who you want to be, how you want to live, how you want to show up, and what kind of example do you want to set up for the individuals in your life, you’re wasting the opportunity for meaning. ”

It’s an awful truth: Entrepreneurs, even though their strength is leadership and their vision, they get fogged by the future. And because of this, they lose the opportunity to create meaningful things.

Check on your employees. Reread your business values. Take a slight detour on your company’s mission and find what your business or ultimately, your life, stands for.

  • Check. On. Your. Systems.

Business is mechanical. We need to stop romanticizing the age-old misconception that business is spontaneous. It’s not. Brodie Kern argues that. “Actual business scale is all about systems.”

If you disregard this fact, not only your business will lose untouched sales, but it will also decay your organization from the inside. It’s the momentary decisions that decide the future of our business. Are you committing to quality? Are your employees aligned with you? Check on the people that make up your business and your life. Are you leading them to where you want to be?

  • Show up and serve. Lead yourself.

The Wake Up Wealthy channel wasn’t created for the faint hearted and neither was this article. The fact that you, an already established entrepreneur or an aspiring one is reading this, means that you aren’t just willing to turn the tide of your life and business but also are capable of doing so ONLY IF you lead yourself. There’s no one in the world that will do so.

According to Brodie Kern, “This world is a f*cking arena (the world of entrepreneurship). There will be people who will eat you alive, step on you, beat the shit out of you just to get their sh*t.”

In one of Brodie Kern’s calls with his students, he ended his lesson with one simple note: “You are capable of infinitely more than you think you are if you just understand how to control this in the moment. Make a choice.”

Leading a business, and ultimately, lives is difficult. There’s nothing heavier in the world than carrying a lot of lives under an organization that you put up. But fret not.

“Entrepreneurs don’t lose because they don’t know what to do when the sky is clear. Entrepreneurs lose because they don’t know what to do when the storm is in. And the storm will be coming.”

So if you’re an entrepreneur, or a man of your family with big dreams, and you want this life to have meaning, believe in yourself. Lead yourself. Show up and serve.

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