Brodie Kern’s Proven Tips on How To Avoid Burnout in your Entrepreneurship Venture and in Life

It’s a plague: If you’re an entrepreneur or an aspiring artist of any kind, we always encounter the same problem when it comes down to our business or passion – burnout.

What is it exactly? Well, to put it simply, it’s when we suddenly lose that overflowing flame inside of us  that made us start our business, hobbies, or sometimes, the life we have. It’s a sickness that no entrepreneur has not yet experienced because if they haven’t, well, maybe they’re still in for a tough ride in their journey towards success.

Even Wake Up Wealthy’s most successful entrepreneur turned mentor, Brodie Kern didn’t have the godly immunity against burnout, in fact, in one of his lessons on Wake Up Wealthy, where he discussed how to avoid burnout in business, he also mentioned his personal experience in dealing with this phase.

“I would sprint very fast, I would get a lot of results, and I would burnout.”

This proves that no matter how you think you’ve figured out your way around your business or your life as an entrepreneur or worse, as the man of your family, there will always be set backs. It’s inevitable and should be expected from you as you are the one carrying your whole hustle and your whole life.

However, if you think a burnout in your business is already a sinister nemesis itself, wait till you realize how to overcome it and wake up everyday just to maintain it.

It’s another problem – being able to maintain or sustain that new found drive to move forward for you business or family. In this video, Brodie Kern said,

“I wasn’t able to keep it going, I wasn’t able to maintain power.”

But he revealed some helpful tips on how one could overcome a burnout and best, how to keep it going. Here are some tips that WILL help you do that:

Ask yourself. “Are you living and breathing your mission? Are you living and breathing your business?”

In order for us to learn how to deliver results for your business, we must learn how to create a system that’s productive, healthy, and challenging enough for us to stick to it everyday until we reach our goals. Success is never linear. It’s a four dimensional goal that will require all of your guts in order to achieve it.

Remember, “You have everything you need. The only thing that we are doing here for you is showing you how to cultivate and grow that.”

In his lesson about overcoming burnout, Brodie Kern mentioned that his listeners are already everything that they need to be in business and in life. He said, “Nobody here is here because they play small.” and the fact that you are reading this means you too are not here to slack off. You realized that you are in a state of burnout and you are working your guts just to overcome this obstacle and move forward for your business or your family.

To put it simply, you are more than enough. You are you and that is your power. The only power in fact that you’ll ever need to break through this cold burnout.

Last but definitely the most difficult one is that Brodie Kern advises you to ask yourself,

“Are you paying attention? It really is that simple. Pay attention, do the work.”

Just like our bodies, your business also sends you signals that you need to focus on. Whether it’s a sudden drop in sales, a plateau in your customer engagement, or an underwhelming effort from our employees, you must pay attention to so that you can recalibrate or formulate a solution to it. Only then can we figure out how to take action in our business right away.

Overcoming a burnout is a painful. Especially if your mind isn’t equipped with the proper mindset in order to fight it. However, the grass is always green on the other side. Once you’ve broken through the walls that the burnout has created, you will realize how strong you are as a leader of your business and as a person.

Focus. Discipline. Passion. That’s all you need. Like what Brodie Kern said, “If you only do one without the other, it’s never going to hit. You will never go where you want to go.”

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