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Here's What's Wrong Within The Current Coaching Landscape...

If you’ve spent any time at all in the game of business then you’ve more than likely been through a course or coaching program or know someone who has. It’s also highly likely you’ve heard horror stories about people shelling out thousands of dollars, hoping for a big results, only to be left back at square one with less money in the bank than when they started.

Why does this happen?

Why do some people excel and achieve MASSIVE results while most struggle after consuming the same material and following the same process that seemingly breeds success? It’s simple

Most programs are NOT full stack. This means they either have a ton of business strategy & tactics, but no mindset/performance systems. OR they have great mindset & performance systems that get you firing on all cylinders but they fail to deliver practical business systems for you to execute on.

Power Without Business Systems = Working Hard On The Wrong Things
Business Systems Without Power = Spinning Out Before Getting Results

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

How Wake Up Wealthy Combines Power & Business Systems To Predictably Build 7-Figure Entrepreneurs...

We’ve created one of the only FULL STACK systems within the coaching space that is specifically engineered to deliver consistent, exponential results within your life and business… and at this point it should be pretty clear how we do it.

Our formula for success within the Wake Up Wealthy Brotherhood is simple.

1. We help you dial in your personal performance systems that will allow you to show up powerfully every fucking day with a high level of consistency.

2. Then we help you create predictability and explosive growth within your business through scalable business systems.

Bringing these two spheres of coaching together within a single process builds clarity & certainty (the 2 super powers within business) which lead inevitably to 7-figure results.

Power + Business Systems = 7-Figure Results
No Full Stack System = 70% Chance Of Failure

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

Where Did This Idea For A Full Stack System Come From?

Our founder & CEO here at Wake Up Wealthy, Brodie Kern, had a troubled past to put it lightly.

Growing up in a split household, Brodie spent 50% of his time with a parent that was heavily addicted to drugs & alcohol and was highly abusive both mentally and physically.

On the outside he lived a normal life. He played sports and had a ton of friends but then he would go home to a chaotic household which led to battles with depression and Brodie experimenting with hard drugs at a very young age. Even after moving out at 18 and starting to chart his own path through life, he couldn’t shake the panic attacks, drug addictions, and depression that were weighing him down.

No matter how badly he wanted to be good… all he could do was fall short.

After finally bottoming out and winding up in the hospital 3 days in a row, barely clinging on to life, Brodie dropped his ego & pride and started looking for help wherever he could find it.

Fast forward a few months, after an eye-opening stint in rehab, and Brodie had rekindled his will to live and his desire to kick ass in life.

BUT there was a huge problem… he suddenly had power and performance (similar to those coming out of a mindset/performance coaching offer) but no one would consider hiring him because he was just an enthusiastic dude with ZERO skills. He had nowhere to channel his power and no way to make money.

Rather than relapse into his old self-destructive patterns, Brodie maintained his power and cultivated key business skills while starting to build scalable systems within real estate sales as well as the call center space.

Combining the two elements that make up our Full Stack system here at Wake Up Wealthy allowed Brodie to pivot his life and start CRUSHING life!

Brodie discovered the 1st component of our full stack system (power) while beating addiction in rehab
He then cultivated the 2nd component (business systems) while learning to sell real estate & run call centers
Combining power & business systems turned a drug addict with NO prior success into a LETHAL business operator

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

Here's What We've Learned After Coaching 350+ Men On The Full Stack System Brodie Discovered...

Throughout our experience coaching hundreds of men in business we realized that there are really only TWO distinct types of men competing within the game of business.

Type 1 – Lacks execution as a results of poor performance systems

Type 2 – Lacks business acumen as a result or poor business systems

What helps each of these men START crushing it in business and in life is realizing where their weak point is (whether it be power or business systems) and solving for it.

Type 1 Transformation
Bo came into the Brotherhood with business systems dialed but LACKED power & execution... after applying our Full Stack System he started crushing it as a partner & spouse and scaled to $100k/mo AND even won the ClickFunnels Two-Comma Award
Type 2 Transformation
Julian had great performance systems but LACKED business acumen... after adopting our Full Stack System he was able generate $35k in just 3 weeks

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

This Is What Makes Our System SO Powerful...

We deliver 3 key components, within our Full Stack System, to create massive change & exponential growth for the men that we coach here at Wake Up Wealthy.

Course – The Mastery Method is scientifically engineered to help men in business eliminate self doubt, procrastination, and uncertainty and achieve total power, elite performance, and high-level profits. 

Coaching – We deliver a combination of 1-1 and group coaching to help you maintain momentum and work through challenges that may come up as you begin implementing our systems and fully adopting the Wake Up Wealthy way of life.

Community – When you join the brotherhood you’re joining a tight knit family of 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs that WANT to see you win and support you in your journey as an entrepreneur and business owner.

These three components of the Brotherhood, when paired together, create results so outlandish for the guys in this program that it almost doesn’t make sense…

When you TRULY commit to our way of life and lean into the Brotherhood you'll open yourself up to creating realities you thought were impossible

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

The Mastery Method

This battle-tested course leverages a data-driven, scientific approach to generating Power, Performance, and Profits for men in business.

Over the course of a year, Brodie worked one-on-one with a test group of 70 guys who were looking to level up in business and in life. During these coaching sessions, he took meticulous notes and was able to identify patterns around the things that were serving these men and getting results, as well as the things that were not serving them.

The outcome of this experiment was The Mastery Method.

We’ve successfully eliminated all of the guess-work surrounding transformation and have assembled a heavy hitting collection of modules that are proven to take you from a place of self-doubt, procrastination, inconsistency, and low income into a position of Power, Performance, and Profits!

Before we dig in on business tactics & strategy, our head coach Julian will walk you through a series of exercises that will allow you to "wipe the software clean" so you can install a new mode of thinking that will propel you into the success you're looking for
Once your mental operating system has been upgraded, Brodie will help you gamify your personal performance to help you squeeze every ounce of productivity and power so you're executing at 110% every single day
Then we'll begin optimizing your business systems to help you truly step into the role of CEO and make the shift from working FOR your business to your business working for YOU

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs


Immediately after joining the Brotherhood you’ll be assigned a Personal Performance Coach (PPC).

Just to add a bit of context… in order to become a PPC at Wake Up Wealthy each coach is required to go through 100+ hours of accreditation. We’ve built a huge training arsenal around our coaching methodology that is specifically designed to equip these guys to be versatile and more than capable of helping you implement our way of life and get results. Some of these guys are certified in everything from NLP to hypnotherapy and will be one of your most valuable resources throughout your experience in the Brotherhood.

Alongside personal coaching we have 3 weekly, high-powered group coaching sessions.

Production Call (Monday) – This is a highly-tactical, business strategy call designed to help you tackle challenges within your business through a Q&A session with Brodie himself.

Execution Call (Thursday) – During this call we expand on the ideas within The Mastery Method and focus on high-level execution & delivering power into your life and business.

Brotherhood Call (Sunday) – This call is designed to help you audit your week… what you did well, didn’t do well, and what you’re going to be optimizing going into the following week so you can continue your forward momentum

Any time you're feeling stressed or are running into a wall that you can't seem to break through, you'll have the opportunity to book a 1-1 call with your Personal Performance Coach to gain the support you need to continue progressing
During our 3 weekly sessions you'll not only have the opportunity to learn directly from Brodie & Julian but you'll also be able to draw key insights from other 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs as we unpack their challenges and guide them to solutions that you will likely be able to implement as well

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs


One of the biggest pain points within entrepreneurship is that feeling of total isolation that comes when you’re building alone, solving problems alone, and carrying the burden of scaling your business alone…

The true magic of the Brotherhood is the culture of our community. These are guys that understand where you’re at because they’ve struggled with the exact same things you’re struggling with right now.

Pain divided is pain shared and from the moment you join the Brotherhood you’ll instantly have hundreds of guys there to support you when shit gets challenging and you’re feeling the pain that inevitably comes with scaling a business and building the life you desire.

Each week after our Sunday coaching call you'll be paired up with a Battle Buddy for the week. You'll hold each other accountable to your goals throughout the week and support each other in your journey to becoming your most powerful & successful selves
We're all a product of the people closest to us... surrounding yourself with 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs who want to see you WIN is a no-brainer

Join 350+ 6 & 7 Figure Entrepreneurs

Orca Capital $50m Assets Under Management

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Orca Capital & 0 Percent

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Result: $0 to $20m+ in 36 Months

Founder: Jeff Sekinger

Steve Calabrese $4k/mo to $40k/mo & 10 Hour Work Weeks

Equitable Mortgage Corporation

Niche: Mortgage Loans

Result: $4k/mo to $40k/mo

Loan Officer: Steve Calabrese

Scaled To $40k Per Month While Systemizing His Business To ONLY Work 10 Hours Per Week

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